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How I Create a Program & Why?

When "I" create a program, these are the elements I use.

Needs analysis - Utilizing a needs analysis before I create a new program. This gives me vital information about that athlete or the sport they play. This helps me create a properly designed program for my clients to compete or play their said sport. The main reasons for needing analysis are to prevent injury and enhance the athlete's performance without overtraining.

SMART Goals - (Specific, Maintainable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) These are essential. Writing goals out helps us see a visual aspect of changing our habits in small manageable ways. "Dreams written out become goals; goals accomplished are dreams becoming a reality."

History - History is critical, and I need to know if you have children, your career, if are you a student, and if you have had any injuries or medical conditions I need to know about before we start any training. You may need a physician clearance form, and you may need corrective exercises. These are necessary to know. Each one of these goes into my program planning; if I know you work a twelve-hour shift, or you have two kids, and there in sports, you don't have time to be in the gym for 2+ hours, if you have medical conditions, I need to know so I can help you in any situation to keep you safe.

Movement Assessments - A movement assessment is critical; it tells me so much about you and how you move; it gives me a starting point. You may be very strong, but your stability could help your stability, balance, and coordination. If you have imbalances, you may need corrective exercises first before you start strength, power etc.

Weekly Check In' – Yes, you may not see progress right away, but we check in every week; you let me know what your enjoying, if you have concerns, maybe you are sorer than you expected, maybe your not dropping weight etc. These are essential for communication with your trainer. You must communicate with them, or they can't help you if you don't.

I teach the importance of proper warm-up, stretching, foam rolling, rest and recovery.

Teach the importance of REST, REFUELING, WATER AND FOOD. Supplements last!

If my clients have never worked out, we start with core function and basic movement. This tells me A LOT about you. NO Barbell!!!!!

I teach Proper techniques first using a DB (1), a stability ball, or a stick. Quality over Quantity. Even when they mastered the movement, we added additional difficulty at the lower weight (DB) tempo, eccentric exercises, a smaller (BOS) base of support, etc.

If they've been training, we go over form and technique first and still with NO BB!!

I program to what my client enjoys...why? Cause it's not about ME, it's about my client.

The clients I've been working with right now have been working with me for 4wks, and we've only worked on stability and FIXED imbalances.

If your body has imbalances, this can cause injury and setbacks. Especially CORE FUNCTION.

They should be paying full attention to you; they should NEVER be late, they should show respect and be prepared, and they should never curse at work. Every certification holds a code of ethics we as professionals need to uphold.

Dysfunctions, a trainer needs to uphold a certification in corrective exercise. To do this, if a client has imbalances, these need to be addressed first and foremost.

Other styles of training such as CrossFit (need a level #1 certification), yoga (need a certificate), corrective exercise (need a certification), and nutrition (need a certification to be able to do this and there are still restrictions. Check your trainer certification.

The entire point of a personal trainer is to TEACH you how to move your body, NOT drag you along and, take your money. If they aren't teaching you, you need a new trainer.

If you are spending ($75-90) amount of money on a trainer and they aren't doing the 🔼🔼🔼🔼 find a new trainer.

Photographer ~ Kathleen Krabbes @kathleendunbarphotography

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