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It's okay to have fears! This being one..

Gym Anxiety!

This is a big topic that a lot of people feel fear Walking into a gym, even me.

Yes, that’s right I have gym anxiety. I’ve had anxiety, PTSD, depression and AHDA, the gym helps, but I also get major gym anxiety. Before school I literally watch every video, I could on form, was a part of tons women’s group to learn everything I could about PT, macro tracking, joined all the classes, learnt from AMAZING trainers on form, things I never learnt in school. I other couldn’t afford personal trainer or I lived somewhere where there wasn’t any in the community that was a personal trainer.

Moving so much I had so much fear of a new gym it would literally make me sick. Yes, I’ve been made fun of before, one to be exact was going to a new rec center and not know anyone in the new community. I was 10-weeks post-pardum from having my youngest. I just completed by pelvic floor program and was ready to get back in the gym. I wasn’t just made fun of by girls at the gym but also yelled at by the staff. I left and went to a new gym as soon as my membership was up. The new gym was incredible, there vision was supportive, they values having all kings of fitness stages in the gym, they had orientation classes for beginners, a PT always there to answers questions. I’ve met all of my friends in the gym and I have never been more supported by this amazing group of people.


•YOU are allowed to walk into a gym without fear of being made fun of.

•Every single person is allowed to walk In a go work on themselves, their health, their strength, their mental health, their internal health without fear.

️If you’re not ready to make that step I have over 365 FREE YouTube home workout available and over 50 form videos. The link is in my bio or send me a DM and I can help direct you.️

️ If you not quite ready to make the step to go to the gym BUT want to learn how to utilize equipment or how to create a workout DM and we can work on your goals and get you comfortable using equipment in a private facility. We are a judgement-free zone here to help you and your health journey. Please don’t let fear get in the way of working on YOU.️

Happy Friday R.

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