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Stick Mobility

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

What is stick mobility? And why is it important?

I’m sure some of you have seen me at the gym warming up or are a client of mine and you’ve done some sort of stick mobility. Stick mobility is a system that was created to enhance better ROM (Range of Motion) and neuromuscular awareness.

So, what does that mean?

When moving or exercising we utilize neuromuscular transmitters, the more we exercise and lift the more we create. When we create more, our neuromuscular system communicates better with our brain and what we want it to do or perform.

ROM (Range of Motion) is how far we can stretch a muscle or joint. For some, this may come more easily and for others, not so much and they may need to work a lot more at it. Everyone is different, everybody is different, BUT it is something everyone should do.

Now, why should we do stick mobility or any mobility for that matter?

Well, to move more efficiently, especially as we age. Our bodies consist of prime movers, then there is a muscle that assists the prime mover called a synergist. The synergist (AKA Stabilizer) makes the joint/insertion site of the muscle more stable. The muscle that is opposite to the prime mover is called the antagonist. Everything should work in unison, but does it always, unfortunately, no.

What I see is prime movers overworked and the rest of the system not working efficiently or together. This causes imbalances in your muscle system. A prime example of this is the chest, we do a lot with our chest, from driving, picking up kids, washing dishes, mowing the lawn, shovelling etc, BUT when they are tight or overworked they end up rolling forward. Once there is an imbalance it’s a chain reaction to the entire movement system (AKA the entire body).

So, should you do stick mobility?

Yes, any form of mobility is important. If you are unsure of what to do for mobility send me a DM and I can book you in for an assessment.


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